Best Body Fat Scale Analyzer in India 2020

Body fat is one of the most talked about and serious issues of modern India. With the increased foreign fast-food brands and chains of restaurants, people are now preferring to dine out instead of knowing the fact that it can a0dversely effect their health and immune system. 

Best Body Fat Scale Analyzer

In all, the Indian youth is severely being attacked by obesity and you can easily a spot obese or overweight teen or mid-aged person without searching too hard. And although there are numerous ways and diet supplements have been introduced in India, the first and the most important thing that you require is to know the body fat amount and other parameters that result in obesity in humans.

And as you can contact a fitness centre to know about the body fat ratio, but if you are not willing to join the gym, or are looking for some home remedies to get rid of the body fat, then the thing you should rely on is the body fat scale/analyzer.

These simple looking scales can easily let you know you about the important information like your blood pressure, your weight, amount/percentage of body fat, etc. So, the first step that you should take in order to live a fit and healthier life is to invest in a good quality Body fat scale. By doing so, you can plan your own workout and diet according to the current status of your body and fat percentage.

Here, in this article, we are going to talk about the various aspects of the body fat analyzer like what are the benefits, how you can get the most accurate results and several other things including a list of the best body fat analyzer available in India today.

Top 6 Best Body Composition Scale India

Here is the list of top best selling body fat analyzer ranked as per the best selling in India by a big online selling website with all details regarding their features, looks and how they are best in their way.

#1. HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

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For the buyers who are looking forward to buying an easy to use, lightweight and highly accurate body fat analyzer, the Health Sense BS 171 would be a perfect choice. Along with a brilliant and compact design, BS 171 has numerous other features that make it an ideal buy.

With a one year limited warranty and highly durable body, this is a great buy for those buyers who are looking for a scale that can serve them for years without fail. Some of the best features of the Health Sense BS 171 include the super sensitive G sensor, up to 12 uses memory and digital display.

You can know about body weight, body water percentage, BMI, bone mass percentage calories recommended and numerous other things by relying on the Health Sense So, if you were after a reliable and durable body fat analyzer that can help you achieve your dream fitness, then the Health Sense BS 171 would be a perfect companion for yourself.

#2.Mi Body Composition Scale

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Mi Body Composition Scale is an ideal buy for those buyers who are looking forward to buying a reliable and advanced body fat analyzer that not only is compact and easy to use but also is as accurate as the other high-end fat analyzers available in the market.

Due to the simple and easy to hold design, the MI body composition scale is a great buy for the buyers who are looking to buy a reliable and accurate scale that can help the keep an accurate record of weight, BMI, Bone mass, Basal metabolism, and others.

The Mi Body composition scale is one of the most accurate scales available in the market that uses the highly advanced and reliable algorithm and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis that is known to produce reliable and most accurate results. You can sync your data to the Mi-Fit and enhance your workout and track your improvement in real-time.

So, if you were looking for a good looking, easy to use and efficient fat analyzer, then you should try your hands on Mi Body Composition scale would be an ideal buy.

#3.Omron HBF 222T Digital Full Body Composition Monitor


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Omron HBF 212 is a perfect body fat analyzer for those buyers who are looking forward and compact, easy to carry and accurate fat analyzer. With touch sensitive buttons and a large display, this is one of the easiest to use fat analyzers available in the market.

The memory of 4 users and a guest mode help multiple users to weigh themselves in this amazingly useful fat analyzer. Apart from being perfectly built, this is one of the most accurate fat analyzers in the market that perfectly records BLI, body weight and body fat.

With lots of features and accurate results, this is a worthy product that must be tried by every health enthusiast looking for a reliable fat analyzer. So, if you were looking to buy an efficient and great looking fat analyzer for yourself, then try this product from Omron and plan your daily routine accordingly.

#4. Actofit Body Fat Analyser Smart Scale with Complete Digital Composition Monitor (White)

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Actofit is a renowned brand and has a good reputation among buyers who are willing to buy high-quality fitness products that are accurate and extremely user-friendly. With the fat analyzer, the company has maintained its reliability.

This is one of the most durable and accurate body fat analyzers that can help you plan your fitness regime accordingly. With a blue black-lit large display, soft-touch buttons and durable ABS body, this is a worthy product that perfectly justifies its price.

In all, if you were looking for a great looking, reliable and feature-rich body fat analyzer for yourself, this product from Actofit would be an ideal buy. Start searching for the exclusive deals and get the best price and value for your money.

#5.Lifetrons Smart Body Composition Glass Scale

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With sensors built with premium toughened glass, this is undoubtedly the best-looking fat analyzer available in the market. Apart from the looks, the things that make the Lifetrons fat analyzer a great buy for the users are the advanced analysis algorithm,  Multi-information display, high capacity, smart battery usages.

Along with these, there are numerous other features that made us include it in the list of the best fat analyzers in India. The lifelong health app also syncs to the scale to make it an even better buy for health enthusiasts. With lots of features and accurate results, this is a worth considering option if you are looking for efficient results. Check out the Full list of Best Smart Weighing Scale with Bluetooth

#6.Autofit Body Fat Analyser

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Why One Should have a Personal Body Fat Scale?

To start, let’s talk about the benefits of having a personal body fat scale. As a multipurpose tool for fitness enthusiasts, the body fat analyzer provides numerous information about the body state instead of showing just weight or BMI. Here are a few important benefits that you can avail of by purchasing a good quality body fat analyzer. Go through them, and then decide whether it is the right product for you to go with, or not.

  • Lets you know the exact BMI so that you can easily plan your workout
  • Accurate results to know about the fat ratio and others
  • You can plan your diet and amount of food supplement intake
  • The best and easiest way to monitor the weight gain

Apart from these, there are numerous other benefits that you can avail by using the best body scale for yourself. So, if you were also looking for a reliable gadget that can help you in achieving a fit and healthy life, then you should plan for buying good quality and reliable body fat analyzer for yourself.

Important Factors While Purchasing a Body Fat Scale / Analyzer

If you have decided to buy a body fat analyzer, then there are a few things that you must consider while purchasing the new body fat analyzer for yourself. These points will help you buy the best and the most reliable fat analyzer but also let you know which one is a better buy from the others. Go through them and know how you can buy the best product for yourself.

Information being displayed

Most fat analyzers show different information including the BMI, recommended calories, and several other things according to the price of the scale. This enhances the overall value of the product. So, we would recommend you to go with a scale that not only shows the most accurate results but also provides a complete body analysis so that you can easily utilize the data.


Make sure that the scale you are buying is easy to use and you can easily record the required data from it. There are a few products in the market that show a wide range of information about the body’s current status but are extremely hard to use. They may be a good choice for the professionals but if you are planning to buy a fat analyzer for personal use, then we would recommend you to stick with a simpler one.

List of  features

Make sure that the fat analyzer you are planning to buy has a good set of features that not only help you get the required information about your body but also help you to utilize that data to get the real-time benefits.


Rely on a fat analyzer that is easy to set and install. By relying on a simpler scale, you can easily focus on the most important information that the scale provides to the users. So, choose a simple to use and install scale for your home.

Keep the above-listed points in mind if you were planning to buy a body fat analyzer. These points can help you a lot while you are out for buying a new fat analyzer for yourself.

Buying Guide to Buy a Best Body Fat Scale / Analyzer

The buyers who are planning to buy the fat analyzer for the first time may get confused by the numerous options and brands available in the market. To help such users, we are providing a brief buyer’s guide that can help you choose the best and the most reliable body fat scale for yourself. So, go through them and know more about purchasing the best body fat analyzer.

Check Warranty

Make sure that the fat analyzer you are planning to buy has a decent warranty as you may require maintenance and repair way too often than the normal weighing scales.

See Brand name

Brand name plays an important when it comes to buying an ideal fat analyzer. You can be assured of getting a decent looking, accurate, and reliable build quality while choosing a good brand for yourself.

Read User Reviews

Make sure to have a look at the different sources to get genuine user reviews about the scale before purchasing it. By doing so, you can be assured of getting good information about the scale without actually purchasing it.

Grab Offers and deals

Online offers make the deal even more pleasant and if you were looking to save some money that can be invested in some other things, then you should look for the best deals on your preferred fat analyzer. By keeping these four points in mind, you can easily buy the most suitable fat analyzer for yourself.

If you are after looks and accuracy, the Autofit body fat analyzer can be the best product for you. With a higher accuracy to measure BMI, skeletal muscle, protein and fat ratio, this product can be treated as the perfect device to measure your complete body composition. This scale is a perfect buy if multiple users are willing to use it to record their body composition.


The machine is designed to record the complete data of 16 users which is more than enough to make it a great buy for a family. Also, you can easily watch your progress on the smartphone app as a graphical representation. So, if you were looking to buy a great looking, easy to use and maintain fat analyzer for your home, you should not look any further than the Autofit body fat analyzer. you may like to check out best weight machine also

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